Home Lawn Care

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Home Lawn Care

Home Lawn Care | C&E Landscaping LLC : Chapin, SC

When you are the one responsible for home lawn care, things can get a little frustrating. You are trying to store the equipment necessary to cut and maintain the lawn, and you aren’t sure what to do with things like aerators and dethatches that are only used occasionally. Finding the time to cut the grass is challenging, and the fertilizer you put down doesn’t seem to be working. If you are tired of the stress and frustration that comes with doing your own lawn care, then it’s time to reap the benefits of hiring professionals like C&E.

With our services, you can get rid of all your lawn equipment that’s taking up space in the garage. You will have room in there for the tools you really use and enjoy. You won’t have to deal with any more mower maintenance, special gas and oil mix or repairs. Most importantly, you will benefit from specialized tools like aerators without spending the money on one yourself.

You know that a lawn service treats your property for weeds, but did you know that we actually make the turf stronger? With the right fertilizer and irrigation treatments, your grass becomes thicker, healthier and stronger. The roots go deeper into the earth to make it more drought-resistant. The healthy lawn is also less susceptible to weeds. As time goes on, your lawn will require fewer chemicals when it is being properly cared for.

Your pets and children will also thank you because there will be fewer insects and pests in the ground. Beneficial insects like worms are always appreciated, but we can treat specifically for grubs, fleas and ticks to keep your yard healthy, safe and enjoyable.

When the grass is thick and healthy, your property is more attractive. Curb appeal is improved, and the impression is that you take great care of your home and everything is well maintained. Make the investment in professional lawn care to keep your home looking its best.